Compatibility issues


While the HD streamer has gone though extensive testing to maximise compatibility with HDMI sources such as Set Top Boxes, Blu-Ray players, Laptops and HDMI displays such as TVs and Projectors as with all Consumer electronics there is always a chance that under certain scenarios they may be incompatible.

With the HD streamer if a compatibility issue occurs it will almost certainly be with the HDMI connection as this is unfortunately not the most robust specification.



In the unlikely event that you do experience a HDMI compatibility issue one possible solution is to use a HDMI splitter/switch and connect it in the HDMI link where the compatibility issue is occurring. A correctly implemented splitter/switch will prevent stop the two devices talking directly to each other and likely remove the compatibility issue. One possibly suitable device can be purchased Here. We can not guarantee that this will work in every case but it is worth trying.







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