No Picture on the Remote TV


No video is displayed on the TV connected to the Receiver


  • Check that the TV is switched on
  • Check the TV is set to display from the HDMI port.
  • Check that the Receiver Green and Blue LED are on (not flashing).
    • No LED: check the power supply is connected and switched on at the wall plug.
    •  Blue LED is flashing fast: Wireless not connected.
  • Check Transmitter
  • Reposition of the receiver: signal strength may be too low or out of range.
    • Blue LED is flashing slowly: Wireless connected but waiting for Source input
    • Check Source is switched on
    • Check HDMI cable between Source and TX input connector.
  • Restart the Receiver (power cycle)
  • Check the HDMI cable between the Receiver unit and TV is connected and not damaged.
    • Replace HDMI cable
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