Video and Audio dropouts due to unreliable HDMI connection


If the video displayed on a TV connected to either the Transmitter or Receiver occasionally drops out to blank screen one possible cause is an unreliable HDMI cable or connection.



1. First find out which of the HDMI links is unreliable

A. Does the issue occur only on the TV connected to the Transmitter

If yes then its most likely that the HDMI connection between the Transmitter and TV that is the issue

B. Does this issue occur only on the TV connected to the Receiver

If yes then its most likely that the HDMI connection between the Rransmitter and TV that is the issue

C. Does the issue occur on both the TV connected to the Transmitter and Receiver. 

If yes then its most likely that the HDMI connection between the HDMI source and Transmitter that is the issue


2. Once the Unreliable Link has been identified please try the following

A. Double check that all your HDMI cables are fully inserted into the all the devices, HDMI source, TVs and streamer units.

Some HDMI cables have a large shrouding around the connector that can prevent the HDMI cable from being fully inserted into a device. Check this is not the case.    

B. Check the connectors on the all the devices and cables are clean and completely free of dirt and dust.  

If some dust or dirt gets into the connector on the HDMI cable or on the device its possible that a marginal or unreliable connection is made 

C. Try an alternative HDMI cable on the link that you have identified as unreliable


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    Jeff Burn

    I have to say, I find the provision HDMI units to be the most brilliant/frustrating piece of kit I've bought. When it works it's brilliant, however it has a number of issues when it doesn't.
    Whilst running a single Tx Rx configuration I found that, for no apparent reason and on an irregular basis the main, Tx TV would occasionally produce the screen of death. The Rx TV would also drop out video and audio on an irregular basis. This is normally solved by a 10 second power cycle. I seem to have cured the main TV problem by plugging it in to a timer that switches it off at 1am and back on again at 4am ( in other words a power cycle every day). I have recently added a second Rx unit and it again is great when it works, however, it freezes the picture for anything up to a couple of seconds. Normally you're advice is to change the HDMI cable to one at is "more reliable". This is a comment I have never heard from any other product in the tech market. Yours seems to be the only product this applies to. I find this strange as an HDMI cable is sending digital information and in all my other a/v products works irrespective of type or cost point
    With that in mind do have a manufacture or type of HDMI cable that you know will categorically work with your product?
    Many thanks
    Jeff burn

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