Splitter and Switches


Can the HD streamer be used with HDMI Splitter and Switches?


Yes the HD Streamer will work with HDMI Splitters and Switches that correctly implement the HDMI control protocols for EDID reading, HDCP authentication, Hot plug detection and CEC. Unfortunately there are many HDMI splitters and available that do not implement or allow these protocols to operate correctly and have quirky behaviour. We have extensively tested the Kramer VS-44HN and have had good feedback from other customers that this consumer grade splitter also works well.

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    Ali Mirza


    I'am having the same problem. I just got delivery of my hd streamer and have noticed the same issues as above. My TX receiver is attached to a Samsung TV model UE40ES6710 and every time I put it on standby mode or turn the TV off the TX turns off. The RX remains on and displays a no signal notice at the bottom of the screen. Please can you help as i do not want to leave my TV on all the whole night.



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