Spurious IR activity


Intermittently the power light flashes green and orange, when this happens I can not use the remote control



The Power LED which is usually green will flash orange when the receive unit picks up IR activity. The HD streamer is designed to pass through the IR commands of most IR remote controls and so will pick up all IR activity it receives and cause the LED to flash. This means sources of IR other than that from remote controls can also get passed through. For example we have seen that certain types of lights emit IR and also a model of TV that emits a strong IR signal from its LCD display all of which can be detected by our IR Eye.



Here are a couple of things you can try
1. Try locating the source of the IR by moving around the IR eye. Once located try to shield the eye from picking up the IR from the unwanted source.
2. Confirm that the IR Eye is fully plugged into the receive unit
3. Try power cycling the Receiver unit

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