Chattering or Machine gun audio heard on Receiver output

If a chattering / machine gun sound is heard on the TV connected to the output of the receiver unit it is most likely that the source device is currently outputting an Audio format not currently supported by the HD Streamer. To rectify this issue please set your source device to output PCM 2 channel audio. The setting of this will vary for each source device.


For a Sky+ HD STBs this setting can be found by navigating to Services -> Settings -> Sound -> Digital Audio Output - HDMI of the Sky STB. The Provision HD streamer requires this setting to be set at NORMAL in order for Audio to be heard correctly at the receiver output.

To configure the audio output format  of the Sky+ HD box:

  • Navigate to: Services -> Settings -> Sound -> Digital Audio Output - HDMI
  • Select NORMAL
  • Press green to save the settings


If you are experiencing this issue on a source other than a SKY+ Box and can not find the correct settings please let us know and we will endeavour to help locate the correct settings for your source device.

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    Mark Collins

    Is there no support at all for digital or multi-channel audio?  This wasn't entirely clear when I purchased the product initially, and I have gone through a number of troubleshooting steps and bits of equipment to try and get it working.

    I have compatible devices at each end of the signal path...

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    steven fisher

    Hi Mark,

    The Provision HD streamer does not support digital or multi-channel audio on the link between the transmitter and receiver unit. Only 2 Channel ( stereo ) PCM audio is supported. 

    The Provision HD streamer does however support digital or multi-channel audio on the local HDMI ports of the transmitter. The digital or multi-channel audio can be used on these port when the receiver is not in use.

    Hope that helps clarify what is supported.

    Kind regards


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