Low signal strength


The signal strength is very low, is there any way of improving it.



As the wireless signals that travel between the HD streamer transmitter and receiver units they get attenuated. If the signal strength is low it means that the signals are experiencing a significant amount of attenuation. The amount of attenuation experienced is different for each environment the HD streamer is used in and depends on factors such as

  • Distance between the Transmitter and Receivers

  • The number, thickness and construction of walls the wireless signals have to pass through

  • Other wireless network activity in the vicinity of the Transmitter and Receiver



The first step is to make sure that the units are not faulty. To do this set up the units in close proximity (within the same room and within a couple of meters) to each other. Power them up and then observe the signal strength displayed on the On Screen Display of the receiver. The signal strength is shown graphically by item 1 and numerically by item 2 in the example OSD shown below.



If the signal strength graph is not green and the numerical value is less that -40 dBm please let us know as the unit may have a fault.  


If the signal strength is green and the numerical value is greater than -40 dBm then the units are operating correctly. In this case the on only possible solution increase the signal strength is to reposition the Transmitter and Receiver in order to reduce the loss.

Some tips for positioning the units include

  • Place them up high so that people and furniture do not block the signals.
  • Position the units so that they are pointing towards corridors and stair cases to help the signals travel along these rather than through a thick wall
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