System latency


Why is there a Time difference between the video/audio shown on the TV connected to the transmitter compared the the video/audio shown on the TV connected to the receiver. Or why does the IR operate a little slower when using it at the receiver


In order to deliver high quality video reliably between the transmitter and receiver the content has to be appropriately processed and packaged. In order to to this it takes some time, hence the slight delay.

The total system latency is approximately 500ms and is made up of two components.

1. IR latency of 100ms. This is the time taken for the IR to leave the remote control, enter the Receiver unit, be sent to the Transmitter unit and then be blasted out of the transmitter.


2. Video processing latency of 400ms. This is the time taken for the video to enter the transmitter and be processed, be sent to the receiver and reverse processed and then output of the receiver.


These two components mean that the time taken from a button press on the remote control to the time a response is shown on the output of the receiver can be up to 500ms.  

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