Will the HD Streamer work in my home?


Will the HD Streamer work in my home?


The HD Video Streamer has been designed to work in the majority of homes and utilises especially designed antenna and advanced video processing to ensure that HD video is streamed reliably even in very challenging conditions.

Please note:

  • As with all Wireless devices they will only operate over a finite range. What that range is will depend on the environment in which the device is used. Every operating environment is different and therefore range depends on factors such as
    • The number, thickness and construction of walls the wireless signals have to pass through
    • Other wireless network activity in the vicinity of the Transmitter and Receivers
  • To give an indication of the minimum range that can be expected, if at a particular location its possible to get a WiFi connection (even a poor / marginal link) between an existing home WiFi router and a laptop. Then if the HD Streamer transmitter & receiver were to replace the WiFi router and laptop it can be expected that the HD Video Streamer will stream high quality HD video reliably.
  • We would recommend purchasing additional receivers and trying them in your set-up, if it turns out that its not suitable you can return the units.
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