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I have just purchased a Provision hdlive upgrade and downloaded the airplayer app on my iphone. I have connected the device as per instructions and the airplayer app can see the provision device. Each time I try to play the tv through airplayer it bounces between 0.00% and 0.01% on the screen, and nothing is displayed. I have also tried other apps for video playback but nothing will work.

Please can you advise what I am doing wrong?

Many thanks



I have now resolved the problem. The solution is that by default the Airplayer app is not able to decode the tv stream. The output needs to changed from within the Airplay from "default" to "QuickTime".




Thanks for the update. Good to hear that you have got the HD Live working. Yes you need to select the Quicktime player. For a full details on how to configure the Airplayer iOS client application please see HDLive user guide which can be found here:

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