Accessing the web interface



The Provision HDLive comes with all the accessories needed in order to access the configuration web page. 

HDLive Upgrade Kit

In order to connect a HD Video Streamer to your home network and access the configuration web page the Provision HDLive Upgrade Kit is required and can be purchased from our website.

Software version

Software versions 6.00.00 and greater support connecting to the home network. 

Connected to your home network

The transmitter unit must be connected to your home network please see Connecting the transmitter to your home router for instructions on how to do this.


1. Find the unit serial number

To find the serial number locate the label on the back of the unit. Alternatively this can also be found on the packaging


Example Unit serial number 

2. Record the last last three digits of the serial number and the unit type ( T )

In the example serial number above this is 123T


3. Construct the unit URL and enter it into the address bar of your browser

On Windows devices this is provision-123t/gip

On Apple devices this is provision-123t.local/gip



Additional Information

HDLive user guide:

Please see the Provision HDLive user guide for full details on streaming to mobile and tablet devices

HDLive technical supplement

Please see the Streamer Configuration technical supplement for full details on the configuration settings

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