Pair an additional Receiver unit


Software version

Software versions 6.00.00 and greater support pairing and streaming to multiple receivers. If your existing transmitter and receiver are currently running any version 3 software they first must be upgraded to the latest release. To find the current software version power up both the existing transmitter and receiver units. Once the units are powered up and the wireless is connected the On Screen Display on the receiver should say Tx: 6.00.00 and Rx: 6.00.00 or greater. 


Unit locations

Interaction with both the Transmitter and the Receiver is required. Therefore pairing is easiest when both the transmitter and the receiver units are in close proximity to each other.



1. Disconnect all cables from the existing transmitter and receiver units and the new receiver unit.


2. Ensure that the existing receiver unit is powered off


3. Power up both the existing transmitter unit and the new receiver unit and wait until both are fully powered

This is indicated by a permanent Power Indicator (green LED) and the Wireless Indicator (Blue LED) starts to flash.


4. Taking the transmitter unit first and using a paper clip or similar object locate the small round hole near the USB connecter. Insert the paper clip and gently push down on the button (see figure)

Keep the button pushed for at least 2 seconds then release. The Power Indicator LED will flash Green when the button is successfully pressed.


5. Repeat the above steps for the receiver unit

The Transmitter and Receiver must be put into pairing mode within two minutes of each other otherwise the process will fail, if this occurs restart the process as described above.


6. After approximately 1 minute pairing should be complete and the receiver will be connected to the transmitter unit

The Power Indicator LED on the receiver unit will return back to permanent green indicating that the receiver unit has been paired.


7. Remove the power from the transmitter and receiver units and locate in the required position

Reconnect the transmitter to the source and local TV if available and connect the receiver unit to a TV. Turn on the TV and power up the transmitter and receiver unit.


8. Confirm that pairing is successful

Check the On Screen Display of the receiver unit it will display “Wireless: Connected”. If there is a source device connected to the HDMI input of the transmitter unit video will start to be displayed on the receiver. 


Pairing Animation



Additional Information


Please try the following if the pairing procedure described above fails

  1. Double check that the units are entering pairing mode by checking the Power LED status. If the LED does not start flashing its likely that the button is not being pushed, it can be difficult to locate the button so try turning the unit off and spend some time locating and pushing the button  
  2. Wait for a couple of minutes after Power Indicator LED on both units has stopped flashing on both units. Occasionally it can take a while for the units to move into the connected state
  3. Make sure that the units are in close proximity to each other. Within a couple of meters and with in the same room should be fine
  4. Try following the Factory Reset Procedure on all units and then run through the pairing procedure again 

Pairing Technical Supplement:

Please see the Pairing Technical Supplement for further details on pairing an additional receiver

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