USB flash drive

A USB flash drive is required in order to carry out an upgrade. It is recommend that the USB stick contains ONLY the upgrade file during the upgrade procedure.


USB flash drive file format

The USB flash drive must be in the FAT file format. To confirm this

  • Insert the USB flash drive into your PC, click to view the files then right click on the drive



  • Select properties and check that File System: FAT



Upgrade all units

When upgrading, it is important to upgrade all transmitter and receiver units. The units have to be upgraded individually so the procedure must be repeated for each unit.



1. Check what version of firmware your units are currently using

The Current firmware running on the units can be found on the On Screen Display of the receiver marked by item 5 in the image below. If its not the same version as latest as shown at the top right of this page then continue with the remaining steps.


2. Download the upgrade file

The latest upgrade file can be found on the right hand side of this page

3. Extract the zip file

Locate the downloaded file and extract the zip file to give the upgrade .usb file  

4. Copy the .usb file on to the USB stick

Make sure the copy completes by ejecting/un-mounting the USB stick.

5. Remove power from the unit

6.Insert the USB stick with the upgrade file on it in to the unit


7. Reconnect the power supply to start the upgrade

The Power Indicator LED will turn green soon after power is applied. The Power Indicator LED will then change to an amber colour after about 9 seconds indicating that the upgrade is in progress.

8. Wait for the upgrade to complete

The upgrade will take ~30seconds and once complete the Power Indicator LED will return to a green colour and the Wireless LED will start to flash Blue indicating it is safe to remove the USB stick.

9. Upgrade all units

Repeat steps 1 - 6 for all units.

10. Confirm that the upgrade has been successful 

Check that the software revisions for both the transmitter and receiver are displayed correctly on the On Screen Display of the receiver

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  • Avatar
    Tom Kemp

    My source and destination units do not apply the upgrade file.

    They remain at the original software version. The remote TV keeps losing the picture - the wireless says connected but the source says waiting.

    The main TV does have the programme, so the source is present, but the remote unit keeps losing this, even with the Wireless connected.

  • Avatar

    Hi Tom, i have the same problem. Did you resolve this? My unit has been upgraded, but still it doesnt want to stay connected.

  • Avatar
    Simon Chapman

    What's the answer, Provision? My brand new kit won't update either. I have tried formatting my USB stick to both FAT and exFAT but the devices don't update from 6.02 to 6.04. Do I have to return it as faulty?

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