Optimising Audio Return Channel (ARC)


When using the HD streamer with certain models of TV and AV receivers the audio return channel from the TV to the AV Receiver can stop working.



When the HD streamer Transmitter is connected to a HDMI source, AV receiver and TV in configuration shown in figure 1 and the TV and AV receiver both support HDMI Audio Return Channel the ARC can stop functioning  when using certain models of TV and AV receiver.   



Figure 1



To over come this issue there are a couple of options:

1. If the AV receiver supports it disable the passing of the CEC commands to the HD Streamer transmitter.

Please refer to the manual of the AV Receiver to see if this is supported and if so how to do it.


2. Purchase a HDMI cable that does not have the CEC wire inside it. Connect the cable between the HD Streamer transmitter and the AV Receiver as shown in Figure 2.

An example of such a cable can be purchased here: HDMI cable without CEC


We can't guarantee that using a HDMI cable with out CEC will solve the issue but so far it has been successful in all the cases of this issue we have come across.  



Figure 2






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